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When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

Learn when to hire a Las Vegas car accident lawyer and the benefits of doing so.

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If you seek to obtain maximum compensation after a car crash in Las Vegas, you should hire a car accident lawyer immediately.

The reasons for hiring a car accident attorney immediately after a car accident are covered in-depth in this article, as well as why it will benefit your car accident case.

What Is a Car Accident Lawyer

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A car accident lawyer is a legal professional and attorney specializing in claims and lawsuits involving motor vehicle accidents.

Car accident lawyers' primary role is representing injured accident victims and holding the at-fault party responsible for the lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress, and other damages their client incurred.

In addition, an experienced car accident lawyer may use negotiation and expert testimony to obtain a larger settlement amount for their client.

A Las Vegas car accident attorney should possess advanced knowledge of Nevada's statute, personal injury law, and insurance policies.

Situations That Require a Car Accident Lawyer

Knowing when to seek legal help from a Las Vegas car accident lawyer is vital in determining whether you'll recover fair compensation. Situations where it's highly advised to hire a car accident lawyer are:

Serious Injuries

If you or any passengers suffered severe injuries, such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or any injury requiring multiple medical appointments, a car accident lawyer is recommended for a fair settlement that can pay for both past and future medical expenses.

Significant Financial Loss

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When an accident results in substantial medical bills, lost income, or repair expenses, you'll need a car accident attorney to help quantify these losses accurately and recover maximum damages.


In the tragic event where a car accident results in the death of a loved one, you'll need a car accident lawyer to fight for you and your family.

Having an experienced attorney on your behalf following a fatal accident will give you a strong legal ally who will pursue compensation for funeral costs, loss of companionship, and loss of income through a wrongful death claim.

Disputed Liability

In car accident cases where the fault is contested, or other parties involved give different accounts of how the automobile accident occurred, you'll need an experienced car accident lawyer who can conduct a thorough investigation and establish liability.

Car Accidents with Multiple Parties

Car accidents involving multiple parties can become complex when determining liability, especially with Nevada's comparative negligence law.

Having an attorney will ensure that fault in the accident is allocated correctly and you are not unfairly blamed.

Insurance Company Issues

If insurance adjusters deny your claim or use tactics to minimize your payout, it's time to get a lawyer who can effectively negotiate for fair compensation.

Accidents Involving an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver

If the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured, you'll need to explore other options for recovering compensation.

An attorney can provide you with the legal assistance needed to obtain compensation through things such as your insurance policy or other potentially liable parties.

You Had a Pre-Existing Condition Before the Accident

If you suffered injuries in the car crash and had a pre-existing medical condition, you may need an attorney to protect your rights, as the insurance company will attempt to play off your new injuries as old and reduce your compensation amount.

Benefits of Hiring a Nevada Car Accident Lawyer

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Navigating the aftermath of an auto accident can be a complex and stressful experience. This is why hiring an experienced lawyer is so essential; several key benefits a Las Vegas injury attorney can provide are:

  • Expert Legal Knowledge: Las Vegas car accident lawyers thoroughly understand Nevada and personal injury law, which can be used to obtain maximum compensation in your car accident case.

  • Handling of the Insurance Company: An attorney will handle all negotiations with insurance adjusters to protect your rights.

  • Evidence Collection: A car accident lawyer in Las Vegas will collect and analyze critical evidence related to your case, such as medical records, the police report, and witness statements, to build a strong personal injury case.

  • Accurate Damage Assessment: Accident attorneys can accurately assess the full extent of your damages, considering past and future damages.

  • Court Representation: If your case does not settle through negotiations, your attorney can file a personal injury lawsuit and represent you in court before a judge or jury.

  • Maximize Compensation: Accident victims who hire an attorney recover higher settlements than those who attempt to handle their claim independently.

  • Reduce Stress: Knowing you have legal representation can allow you to focus on emotional and physical recovery.

  • Legal Perspective: Injury lawyers will provide a unique perspective on your case and make informed decisions without being swayed by emotions.

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Understanding the Car Accident Claim Process

If you were in a car accident in Las Vegas, it's crucial that you understand the process of recovering compensation.

Filing a personal injury claim will usually proceed like this:

Investigation and Evidence Collection

Evidence, such as accident reports, photographs, medical records, and witness statements, will need to be collected.

In addition, an investigation for any additional evidence or facts will be conducted.

Determining Liability

Your personal injury lawyer will work to determine who was liable for the accident by reviewing the police report, skid marks, traffic signals, and footage, if available.

In addition, your attorney will consider Nevada's comparative negligence rule, which states that every party, including you, can be partially at fault for the accident.


The insurance company will make an initial settlement offer. However, your attorney will often pursue a higher amount through negotiations.

Having an attorney at this stage is vital when looking to recover maximum compensation.

Litigation (If Necessary)

If negotiations with the insurance company fail to produce a fair settlement, your lawyer will file a lawsuit and prepare your case for court.

In litigation, your case will be presented to a judge or jury, and your attorney will have to fight on your behalf.

Recovering Compensation

Whether through negotiation or litigation, you'll recover compensation, which will be used to pay your medical bills, repair costs, property damage, legal fees, and other related costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas?

Most injury lawyers in Las Vegas work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if they win your case.

How long do I have to file a car accident claim in Nevada?

In Nevada, you must file a claim two years from the accident date.

Can I handle a car accident claim on my own?

While you can file a car accident claim independently, it's not recommended as there is a high chance you will receive a lowball settlement.