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Steps to Filing a Car Accident Claim in Las Vegas

Understanding the steps to filing a car accident claim in Nevada is vital for anybody looking to maximize their final settlement amount.

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How to File a Claim After a Car Accident in Nevada

Filing a car accident claim in Las Vegas is a process that requires several steps that must be performed properly to maximize compensation. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through it:

Report the Accident to Authorities

Immediately after the car accident, check for injuries and move to a safe location. Call 911 and get emergency services if needed.

According to Nevada law, if there are injuries, fatalities, or property damage exceeding $700, you must report the accident to the LVMPD or Nevada Highway Patrol.

Collect Contact and Insurance Company Information

Get contact and insurance information from the other drivers. Also, get names, addresses, phone numbers, driver's licenses, license plate numbers, and vehicle registration information.

If there are witnesses, get their contact info, as their testimony can be used in your car accident claim.

Document the Scene

A person taking a photograph of a t-bone car accident

Take clear photos and videos of the accident scene. Prioritize capturing pictures of vehicle damage on the cars involved, road conditions, traffic signs, and visible bodily injury.

Write down the accident details while they are fresh in your mind. Be sure to include things such as the time, date, weather, and how the car accident happened.

Notify Your Insurance

Call your insurance company as soon as possible and report the auto accident. Provide them with all the information and documentation they may ask for.

Be honest and accurate. Misrepresentation or withholding of info can ruin your claim. However, avoid admitting fault even to your own insurance company.

Get Medical Treatment

Even if you feel fine, seek medical attention, as some injuries are not immediately apparent.

Keep detailed records of all medical expenses, treatment, and diagnosis. These will be important for your accident claim.

Keep Records

The police officer who responded to your accident filed a police report, and it's vital that you obtain it.

In addition, Keep copies of all communication with your insurance company, the other driver's insurance company, medical providers, and any legal representatives.

Consider Consulting with a Car Accident Lawyer

If the accident resulted in serious injuries, disputes over fault, or complex insurance issues, consider talking with a personal injury lawyer.

An experienced car accident attorney can help you through the claims process while protecting your rights.

File Your Claim

Submit your claim to your insurance company with all the necessary documentation, including the accident report, medical records, and proof of expenses.

An insurance adjuster will review your claim and may ask for more info or clarification during this process.

It's important to refer all communication with the insurance company to your personal injury lawyer.

Negotiation and Settlement

The insurance company will make an offer based on their opinion of the damages and liability.

Your attorney can negotiate for fair compensation if the initial offer is low.

Once both parties agree on the amount, the insurance company will issue the payment for your auto accident claim.

Follow Up

Ensure you get the payment and use it for medical bills, vehicle repairs, lost wages, and other related expenses.

Keep all final documents related to your auto accident claim and settlement records for future reference.

How Long After a Car Accident Can You File a Claim in Nevada?

The timeline for a car accident claim is outlined in Nevada's statute of limitations. Here's what you need to know:

Statute of Limitations

Personal Injury Claims: Under Nevada Revised Statutes 11.190(4)(e), you have 2 years from the accident date to file a personal injury claim.

If you miss this deadline, you will be barred from filing a personal injury lawsuit and obtaining compensation.

Property Damage Claims: The statute of limitations for property damage claims (like vehicle repairs) is 3 years from the date of the accident. So, you have up to 3 years to file an auto accident claim for any property damage.

Wrongful Death Claims: If the car accident resulted in death, the family of the deceased has 2 years from the date of death to file a wrongful death claim. This may be slightly different if death occurred sometime after the accident.

Insurance Policy Requirements

Timely Reporting: Insurance policies require you to report the accident and fill out a claim form.

There is no specific time frame, but it's recommended that you notify your insurance company within 24 to 48 hours of the car accident. Your claim may be denied if you don't report the accident promptly.

Policy Deadlines: Review your auto insurance policy to see if there are any specific time frames for filing a claim. Some policies may require you to file a claim within a few days after the accident.

What Are the Stages of an Injury Claim?

Steps on a white background portray the concept of a step-by-step process

Understanding the steps of car accident claims is vital to knowing if you're on the path to maximum compensation. Here are the stages of an accident claim in Nevada:

Initial Consultation with an Attorney

Talk with a Nevada car accident attorney if your injuries are severe or there's a dispute about liability. An attorney can help you understand your rights and your claim.

During the free consultation, the attorney will go over the details of your case, including the extent of your injuries, the evidence, the case timeline, and potential damages.

Investigation and Evidence Gathering

Your attorney will gather evidence to support your claim. This includes medical records, accident reports, witness statements, photos, and other relevant documents.

In some complex cases, your attorney may consult with experts such as accident reconstruction specialists or medical professionals to strengthen your case.

Demand Letter

Once enough evidence is gathered, your attorney will draft a demand letter outlining the facts of the accident, the injuries, and the compensation you seek.

This letter is sent to the other driver's party's insurance company and is the starting point for negotiations with the insurance company.

Negotiation and Settlement

The insurance company will review the demand letter and investigate the claim. They may accept, reject, or make a counteroffer.

Your car accident attorney will negotiate with the adjuster for a fair settlement; this is a back-and-forth process that may require multiple talks.

A formal agreement will be drafted if both parties agree on a settlement. Once signed, the insurance company will pay it out.

Filing a Lawsuit (if necessary)

If a settlement can't be reached through negotiation, your attorney may recommend filing a lawsuit against the other drivers.

Your attorney will file a complaint in the appropriate court outlining the facts of your claim and the damages you seek.

Both sides will exchange information and evidence through a process called discovery. This may include depositions, interrogatories, and document requests.

Pre-Trial Proceedings

Pre-trial motions and hearings may be held to resolve procedural issues and set the stage for trial.

Sometimes, other drivers will continue to negotiate during this stage and settle before trial.


If the case goes to trial, both sides will prepare their arguments, evidence, and witness testimony.

During the trial, both sides present their cases to a judge or jury, who decides the outcome and the amount of compensation, if any.


If you win the case, you'll have to collect the judgment. This may involve additional legal steps if the defendant doesn't pay voluntarily.

Either side can file an appeal if they feel an error of law affected the outcome.

If no appeal is filed or after the appeal process is complete, the case is closed with payment of the agreed or awarded amount.

How Long Does an Accident Stay on Your Insurance in Nevada?

Understanding how long car accidents stay on your record in Nevada is important for your insurance rates and financial planning.

Here's what you need to know about the duration and effect of car accidents on your insurance.

On Your Record

A Nevada car accident can stay on your record for 3-5 years. This can vary depending on the insurance company and the specifics of the accident.

For more serious infractions like DUI or reckless driving, the impact on your insurance can last longer, up to 7 years or more.

Insurance Premiums

After an accident in Las Vegas, you can expect an increase in the rate. The amount of the increase will depend on the severity of the accident, who was at fault, and your overall driving history.

The rate increase will last the same amount of time the accident is on your record, 3-5 years. After that, if you keep a clean record, your rates may go down.

Should I Get an Estimate Before Filing a Claim?

Getting an estimate before you file a car accident claim can be helpful for numerous reasons. Here's a couple:

  • Repair Costs: Knowing the repair costs will help you decide whether to file a claim or pay out of pocket if they are close to your insurance deductible.

  • Insurance Premiums: Filing a claim will increase your insurance premiums. If the repair costs are lower than or close to your deductible, it's probably better not to file a claim.

  • Claims Process: A detailed estimate will give your insurance company accurate information, making the claims process smoother and faster.

  • Damage: Professional estimates will find hidden damages you may not see otherwise, ensuring your claim will cover all costs.

How Can a Las Vegas Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Help Me with My Insurance Claim?

Following a car accident, the claim process can be complex and time-consuming, which can take away from your recovery process.

Having an attorney will give you the peace of mind of knowing you have legal representation and your claim will be taken care of, allowing you to recover from any injuries you may have sustained in the car accident.

Get your accident claim filed by a car accident lawyer today by calling (702) 566-3600 or submitting a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a claim with the city of Las Vegas?

To file an accident claim with the city of Las Vegas, first obtain a claim form from the city's website, then fill out that form, and last submit the form to the Las Vegas Attorney's Office within six months of the accident.

What to do after a car accident in Las Vegas?

After a car accident in Las Vegas, you should ensure safety, call 911, exchange information, document the scene, notify your insurance company, and seek medical attention.