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Average Settlement for a Car Accident If You Are Pregnant

If you are pregnant and were involved in a car accident, it's vital to understand how much financial compensation you are entitled to. Learn today.

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What Is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident While Pregnant

After a car accident , the average settlement for pregnant women can be around $15,000 to $75,000 .

In a high-impact motor vehicle collision, a car accident while pregnant can result in an average settlement of $100,000 or more.

Factors That Will Influence a Car Accident Settlement

  1. Medical Bills: If you sustained injuries in a car accident and sought medical care, your car accident settlement amount will be directly tied to the cost of ER visits, specialized prenatal care, medical attention to the unborn child, and any treatments resulting from the accident.

  2. Injuries Sustained: In the auto accident, if you suffered severe injuries such as premature birth or miscarriage, you may be entitled to more than average settlement.

  3. Pain and Suffering: A car crash is a traumatic experience that can cause immense physical and emotional stress. You may be entitled to a larger compensation amount depending on how severe the injuries and emotional damage are.

  4. Lost Wages: If the mom cannot work due to serious injuries, pregnancy complications, or life-threatening complications, the accident claim can account for any past and future lost wages.

Possibly of a Higher Settlement

While the average settlement for a pregnant woman in a car wreck is around $15,000 to $75,000, some cases can result in higher settlement amounts.

In cases where long-term health issues arise, the mom or child, such as premature birth, shaken baby syndrome, birth defects, or internal injuries, the settlement amount can be in the hundreds of thousands.

It's crucial you talk to an experienced car accident attorney to understand the value of your claim completely.

What Are the Risks of Traffic Accidents During Pregnancy

Pregnant women putting on a seatbelt

A car accident while pregnant can result in severe pregnancy injuries that can be dangerous for both mother and baby.

Immediate Risk to Pregnancy After a Car Accident

Placental Abruption

A severe injury that can occur after a car accident is a placental abruption, which occurs when the placenta detaches from the uterus and results in the baby being unable to get the oxygen and nutrients it needs to survive.

Placental abruption is a life-threatening condition to both you and the unborn baby and can result in severe bleeding, fetal death, and physical pain.

Premature Labor

An auto accident can result in preterm birth, which can result in complications for the baby, such as underdeveloped organs and respiratory issues.


Tragically, a severe car accident can result in a miscarriage, which is the death of the unborn child and will require the mother to seek medical care immediately.

Miscarriage caused by trauma, such as from a car accident, is more common in the early stages of pregnancy.

Possible Long-term Risks After a Car Accident

Fetal Injuries

Depending on the severity of the impact or amount, sudden movements during an accident injury, such as fractures, head injury, or other severe trauma, can occur to the baby.

These injuries may not be visible and can have long-term effects such as birth defects.

Long-Term Emotional and Psychological Impact

The stress and trauma from the accident can affect the mother emotionally and psychologically for months, which can directly impact the pregnancy.

Common emotional health effects such as anxiety and depression can affect prenatal care and overall well-being.

Birth Complications

Injuries from the accident can complicate the delivery and may need emergency room interventions such as a c-section .

Can a Car Accident Induce Labor?

Image of a sedan damaged in a car accident

Yes, a car accident can induce labor , especially if the impact is strong or the mother's injuries are severe.

Understanding the link between accidents and preterm labor is vital for pregnant women.

How Can Auto Accidents Induce Labor

In moderate to severe accidents, the impact of the accident can put pressure on the uterus and cause contractions, which can cause the mother to go into labor.

Emotional stress and shock from the accident can cause labor. The body’s response to trauma can release stress hormones that can induce labor.

In some cases, the force of the accident can cause the placenta to pull away from the uterus, a condition called placental abruption. This can cause preterm labor and other complications.

Symptoms of Accident Induced Labor

  • Contractions: Contractions or tightening of the belly could indicate that the accident caused you to go into labor.

  • Abdominal Pain: Strong and lasting abdominal pain after an accident could relate to labor.

  • Vaginal Bleeding: Any bleeding after an accident could be a symptom of a severe injury, and you should seek medical attention immediately.

  • Fluid Leaking: Amniotic fluid leaking could mean the membranes have torn, which could signify labor.

Can You Seek Compensation for a Miscarriage After a Car Accident?

Yes, if a car accident results in a miscarriage, you can seek and obtain financial compensation for the economic and non-economic damages.

How to Purse Damages for a Miscarriage

Obtain Medical Records: Request all your medical costs and records for the miscarriage and any related treatment. These will be key to proving the link between the accident and the miscarriage.

Consult with Personal Injury Lawyers: Speak to an injury attorney who specializes in personal injury and car accidents. Your car accident attorney will provide you with legal representation and protection from the insurance company.

Prove Negligence: To obtain compensation, you must prove that the liable party caused the accident and the miscarriage. This may involve intense evidence collection, which could require a solid legal team.

What Damages Can You Seek for a Miscarriage Caused by an Accident

Medical Expenses: You can seek compensation for the medical bills related to miscarriage, including emergency care, hospital stay, and follow-up treatment.

Emotional Distress: The emotional impact of a miscarriage can be devasting, which is why you can seek damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Loss of Future Potential: In some cases, you can claim for loss of future potential, including the emotional and financial impact of not having the child.

Wrongful Death: You may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim for the death of your baby.

Can a Fetus Get Whiplash in a Car Crash?

A fetus can not suffer whiplash in the way a fully developed human may suffer from it; however, a fetus can still be affected by a car crash in other ways.

What is Whiplash

Whiplash is a common car accident injury that occurs when the neck suddenly moves in a violent back-and-forth motion.

Although developed humans suffer from whiplash, a fetus is cushioned by amniotic fluid and maternal tissues, making whiplash unlikely.

Potential Car Wreck Effects on the Fetus

Placental Abruption: The sudden jolt from an accident can cause the placenta to separate, which can be bad for the fetus.

Fetal Trauma: Not whiplash, but the rapid motion and forces in a crash can cause trauma to the fetus, brain, or physical.

Premature Labor: The stress and physical impact of a crash can induce premature labor, which is terrible for fetal development.

Fetus Injury Symptoms

Decreased Fetal Movement: If you detect less movement from your unborn child after an accident, you should receive a medical checkup.

Abdominal Pain: Any persistent pain or cramping in your abdominal area could be a symptom of a fetus injury.

Vaginal Bleeding: Any bleeding after an accident could be a symptom of a uterine rupture or another fetus injury.

How Many Pregnancies End in Car Accidents?

Car accidents are a leading cause of trauma to the mom and baby during pregnancy.

Around 1 in 25 pregnancies end due to a car accident.

Information Surrounding Miscarriages Caused by Car Accidents

  • According to NHTSA , around 170,000 pregnant women are in car crashes each year in the US.

  • Car accidents can cause placental abruption, premature labor, and, in extreme cases, miscarriage.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

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